TWS earbuds, an audio companion throughout the day

Aiso™ is a software solution that lets you meets the increasing demand from consumers for more advanced audio experiences on their TWS earbuds. TWS earbuds have become an essential tool for how consumers experience sound. They aren’t solely for music; they are now being used for an average of 1.4 hours daily to improve hearing in noisy environments.

Aiso is a powerful tool that can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver an exceptional audio experience to your customers.

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Solving the Problem of Speech in Noise

Solving the Problem of Speech in Noise

To be successful, solutions for hearing enhancement must distinguish between desired speech and other sounds, such as background noise and competing voices. Aiso is designed to do just that. Its combination of source separation technology and low latency noise suppression technology improves the Speech Recognition Threshold by 16 dB and suppresses up to 30dB of noise.

Aiso is a tried and tested solution which has been validated with real users, in the real world, who’ve been amazed by its power to transform their ability to hear clearly in noise.

Introducing Orsana™

Orsana is a tabletop assistive listening device designed to help everyone hear clearly in noise . Its advanced algorithms separate the speech of interest from noise and competing speech sources.

Conversations made easy, with Orsana

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Aiso powers hearing enhancement

across your product range

Hearing Enhancement in an earbud charging case

For Dan, conversations in noise can be challenging. Fortunately his TWS earbud charging case doubles as an assistive listening device. Its microphones and advanced aiso algorithms separate speech from noise, making conversations easy even in the noisiest environments.

Hearing Enhancement on a smartphone

Audiotelligence's aiso technology

Hearing enhancement on Dan’s smartphone powers a chance encounter, ensuring he can follow the conversation despite the noise from passers-by and nearby traffic.

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How it works

Improve intelligibility and reduce listening fatigue

16 dB

improvement in Speech Recognition Threshold

30 dB

of noise suppression




artefacts or distortion

Key Features and Benefits

Groundbreaking Source Separation

Improves Speech-to-Noise Ratio by 30 dB

Ultra Low Latency

5ms latency perfect for assistive listening technology

Hardware Agnostic

Does not require a dedicated hardware codec or DSP. Supports any size / shape mic array.

Seamless Source Selection

Automatic and manual source selection enabling a seamless user experience



Enhancing Hearing Accessibility: Introducing the Revolutionary Earbud Assistive Listening Case

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AudioTelligence announces Orsana, the first universal assistive listening device

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AudioTelligence’s Aiso™ for Hearing Software Wins Innovator Award

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*AudioTelligence & Harris Interactive Research – Incidence of Cocktail Party Problem. – In August 2020 AudioTelligence commissioned Harris Interactive, a MRS Accredited Company Partner and ISO 27001 certified market research agency to validate the size of the “Cocktail Party Problem”. The research was commissioned in the UK, US, Germany, China and Japan with 1000 participants aged 40-64 years old from each country. The outcomes indicated that 81% (558 million) of participants self-identified with the cocktail party problem and 40% of these people (220 million) were actively looking for a solution.