aiso transforms the user experience for in-car infotainment

Aiso technology isolates speech and suppresses background noise, enabling multiple users to interact with the system simultaneously, making themselves heard clearly. Importantly, aiso for Automotive improves speech intelligibility, rescuing compromised calls by removing unwanted sources of sound as the user speaks.

Disrupted Voice Commands & Calls

In-car infotainment systems are controlled by voice commands, whether that is to play music or make a call.
But a car can be noisy: traffic, general road noise, other passengers talking all disrupt voice calls and inhibit in-car speech recognition performance. Existing solutions based on noise suppression may reduce listener fatigue but won’t improve speech intelligibility and won’t remove competing speech.
Technology that relies on beamforming only focusses a device’s microphones in a specific direction, amplifying all sounds in that direction.

Clear Voice Interactions

For voice interaction to work effectively and consistently in noise, in-car infotainment systems need to be able to distinguish voice commands from background noise and other speech sources. Because aiso uses Blind Source Separation combined with Noise Suppression, it’s much more effective than beamforming solutions in isolating and extracting the desired sound source.

As a result aiso enables clear voice interactions – allowing your infotainment system to deliver a superior voice command experience.

Asynchronous Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Asynchronous Acoustic Echo Cancellation

In-car infotainment systems need Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology to prevent echo during calls. Most AEC solutions not only require access to both the microphone signal and the reference signal sent to the speakers, they also demand that these two signals be fully synchronized. Aiso AEC works with asynchronous microphone and reference signals, making it the ideal choice for automotive products.

How it works


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aiso for Automotive –
Key Benefits

Clear, Intelligible Speech

Improves speech intelligibility, delivering superior driver & passenger voice interactive experiences.

No Artefacts or Distortion

Preserves the original acoustic characteristics of the target speech signal and does not introduce artefacts or distortion to the audio.

Groundbreaking Source Separation

Improves the Signal-toInterference Ratio by up to 30 dB.


Does not require a dedicated hardware codec or DSP – and no need for special microphones.


Supports road safety: multiple users can talk simultaneously without interference from fellow passengers

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