Audio solutions powered by aiso are different

With our patented Blind Source Separation algorithms at their heart, they work in a completely distinct way from competing solutions. This ground-breaking technology enables aiso to transform an acoustic scene from a chaos of competing speech and background noise to one in which each person sounds as if they are the only person speaking. Aiso comprises a range of audio products which can be integrated in different combinations to suit a wide variety of use cases.

Blind Source Separation

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Low Latency Noise Suppression

Source Selection

Whatever the use case, aiso provides a highly configurable, scalable, and hardware agnostic solution for a wide range of audio applications. Furthermore, it supports a huge variety of microphone topologies, enabling deployment on unique form factors.


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Application* BSS AEC LLNS SS
Action cams and other video cameras
Assistive listening devices
Video bars & conferencing systems
Smart displays or speakers
Smart TVs using peripherals (cameras or soundbars)
Smart soundbars & A/V receivers
All-in-one PCs & laptops
Set-top boxes & media streamers
TWS earbud charging case
VR / AR headset
*Please note this may vary depending on your specific application and use case

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Use Cases

Related applications* BSS AEC LLNS SS
Hearing Enhancement
Audio/video calls
Audio/video recordings
Voice command and control
Real time transcription
*Please note this may vary depending on your specific application and use case.

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