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Enhancing Hearing Accessibility: Introducing the Revolutionary Earbud Assistive Listening Case

For individuals with hearing impairments, navigating the multitude of products available in the market can be a daunting task. From hearing aids to hearables, smartphone accessibility features to personal sound amplification products, the choices seem endless. Determining the right solution amidst this vast array of options can be a challenge. The truth is, everyone’s hearing health journey is unique, with some opting for no intervention, others exploring features on their consumer electronic devices, and some seeking the guidance of an audiologist. While hearing aids are often considered the go-to solution, they may not fully address the challenges faced in social situations. 

Hearing aids offer numerous benefits, particularly for one-on-one conversations. However, they can fall short in certain social environments. Have you ever struggled to follow a conversation in a bustling restaurant or café while in the company of friends or family? This is where accessories like remote microphones paired with hearing aids or earbuds are beneficial. Remote microphones help individuals hear more clearly in complex auditory settings. This additional intervention is a must for the hearing impaired to be able to engage in these environments.

Although the benefits are clear, carrying additional devices alongside hearing aids or high-tech earbuds with hearing enhancement features can be cumbersome, and of course it’s easy to forget an extra piece of kit. Recognizing this challenge, we have developed the Earbud Assistive Listening Case. This innovative new product concept enables hearing aid and consumer tech companies to offer an all-in-one solution for every environment, which provides advanced capabilities for hearing in noise while overcoming barriers around the adoption of accessories and assistive listening devices.

With the introduction of the Earbud Assistive Listening Case, we ensure our customers can offer solutions for every environment without the need for additional accessories.

Sue Handley Jones, CEO, AudioTelligence

A New Market Opportunity

The hearing market is rapidly transforming. With advancements in hearing technology and changes in regulations, consumers can now access a variety of hearing solutions without the need for specialist visits or prescriptions.

The earbud assistive listening case concept capitalises on the popularity of TWS earbuds as the cutting-edge trend in consumer accessories. By integrating our advanced source separation algorithms into a TWS earbud charging case, manufacturers will give consumers access to a robust assistive listening device that seamlessly complements their earbuds. This provides consumer tech and hearing aid brands with the opportunity to create a multi-functional product, eliminating the necessity for additional hardware or accessories and offering a more convenient user experience.

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Game-Changing Form Factor

In the past,  those in need of assistive listening devices have been discouraged from using them, due to the social stigma associated with having a cumbersome and obvious hearing device on the table.  Our new charging case concept disrupts this stereotype with its sleek and modern design, similar to popular wireless earbud cases. Combining form and function, it seamlessly integrates into the daily lives of users. By adding assistive functionality to a device which people already carry with them , we make the concept both practical and appealing.

This concept has been extensively tested with end-users, who confirm that they are looking for a discreet and lightweight, multi-functional device connected to TWS earbuds. With low energy and low latency codecs, this is now possible, delivering an enhanced listening experience.

Leveraging Advanced Technology

AudoTelligence’s assistive listening devices are powered by aiso, a Blind Source Separation (BSS) technology that leverages Bayesian statistical models to process multi-microphone audio signals. This innovative technology separates each source of sound with a consistent spatial location into its own distinct channel of audio. The result gives individuals with hearing loss a remarkable capability to capture sound directly from the source and bring it to their ears, mitigating the impact of distance, environmental noise, and reverberation.

AudioTelligence’s BSS technology significantly improves the Signal-to-Interference Ratio (SIR) by up to 30 dB. This is especially valuable when there are overlapping speech signals, a problem that cannot be effectively addressed with noise suppression technology alone. By enhancing the clarity of speech, our technology ensures that individuals with hearing loss can communicate more effectively in various listening environments.


The earbud assistive listening case represents a significant breakthrough in hearing accessibility. By combining cutting-edge technology, a user-friendly form factor, and advanced audio processing, we are revolutionising the way individuals with hearing impairments experience sound. Our mission is to empower individuals to engage fully in social interactions, overcome communication barriers, and enhance their overall quality of life. With this innovative product, we are taking a step towards a more inclusive society, where hearing accessibility is seamlessly integrated into everyday technology.



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