Spread the word about hearing health this October

We are excited to partner with SoundPrint, a hearing health app, to promote hearing health awareness. Join us this October for SoundPrint’s Find Your Quiet Place Challenge!

During the month of October, 30+ prominent hearing health organizations will participate in the 2022 FYQP Challenge to collect sound level data using the SoundPrint App.

The sound measurements from the Challenge will enable SoundPrint to advocate for safe noise levels, help communities find quieter places, and protect the public’s hearing health.

It’s simple to join the SoundPrint challenge. You just…

1️⃣ Download the SoundPrint App
2️⃣ Measure and submit sound levels when you’re out and about in cafés, bars, restaurants
3️⃣ Choose venues safe for your hearing <75 dBA and compete to win prizes!
4️⃣ Follow AudioTelligence to find out about our new tech for hearing clearly in noise

The goal is to measure and submit as many sound levels as possible. Prizes will be awarded by SoundPrint to the most dedicated participants!

Using the SoundPrint app is simple. Once downloaded, your smartphone turns into a decibel meter allowing you to take sound measurements everywhere you go and submit them to the app’s database.

Find out more about the challenge here



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