Making your voice heard when you're working from home

Open-plan offices often come under fire for being noisy and disruptive – making it difficult for workers to concentrate or join conference calls. Requests to work remotely tend to cite the peace and quiet at home that will lead to greater productivity.

But now that the coronavirus has suddenly forced many of us to work from home, the reality is proving somewhat different.

If your partner is also working from home, the chances are they are making phone calls and taking part in videoconferences to stay in touch with colleagues and clients. Add to that a couple of young children who are off school for the next few months – and perhaps a dog that is now cooped up indoors for much of the day – and suddenly that peace and quiet seems more like a pipe dream.

Not only do you find you can’t hear yourself think – but your colleagues can’t hear you either when you join team-building conference calls on your laptop or make a VoIP call to your boss to discuss a particular project.

Our unique solution is designed to relieve this headache of making your voice heard in a noisy world. It’s autofocus for sound – an ‘acoustic lens’ that enables your laptop or phone to focus on what you are saying, whatever the distractions.

Our data-driven blind audio signal separation technology is able to ‘listen’ to a real-world acoustic scene and identify the prominent sources of sound, including echoes and reflections. Sophisticated algorithms enable it to cancel out the unwanted interference – whether that’s noisy children or the washing machine going into spin mode.

The system is also adaptive, so any new background noises that appear are also eliminated in real time – ensuring your colleagues can still hear you even if your partner is on another conference call in the same room.

The solution doesn’t need calibrating or training – so existing devices can be easily reconfigured with a software update. And the algorithm has a latency of just five milliseconds – making it ideal for real-time applications.

Our technology is available on a licensing basis – offering low-cost, high-quality solutions not just for VoIP products but also for devices such as home assistants, smart speakers and in-car voice control systems. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more.



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