AudioTelligence named a 'Top21' company

9 June, 2020 – AudioTelligence, the company dedicated to making speech clear and intelligible in a noisy world, has been named a ‘Top21’ company in this year’s #21toWatch campaign run by corporate communications consultancy Cofinitive. The awards are designed to recognise companies that are setting new standards in innovation and entrepreneurship.

AudioTelligence CEO Ken Roberts said: “We are delighted to have received this coveted #21toWatch accolade. It follows our successful debut at this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas, where our technology went down a storm and led to more than 90 business leads in just four days.

“The number of applications where our technology is needed is enormous – and growing every day with the rise of voice-activated technologies in ‘smart’ homes and workplaces.  Voice command systems work reasonably well when the audio scene is quiet – but performance deteriorates rapidly once you have multiple people talking or when there’s background music.

“Our solution doesn’t need calibrating or training, and the code is production ready – which means existing devices can be easily upgraded to AudioTelligence with no more than a software update.”

AudioTelligence’s technology acts like autofocus for sound, using data-driven blind audio signal separation to focus on the source of interest – allowing it to be separated from interfering noises. This enables microphones to focus on what users are saying – improving the audio quality for listeners, regardless of background noise.

Applications for the technology include voice assistants operating in noisy environments, smart speakers, smart TVs and set-top boxes where broadcast sound interferes with command recognition, and two-way telephony in noisy places.

Cofinitive founder Faye Holland said: “We are so pleased that AudioTelligence has been named in our Top21.2020 #21toWatch list. The accolade is well deserved and we look forward to following their progress. What all our winners have in common is something that has the potential for huge impact.”



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