AudioTelligence moves to West Cambridge

The newest resident of The University of Cambridge’s West Cambridge campus is AudioTelligence, a company dedicated to making speech clear and intelligible in a noisy world.

AudioTelligence is delighted to announce that it has moved into new premises on Cambridge University’s West Cambridge site. The new premises are an ideal location to further develop and commercialise the company’s uniquely effective technology for making speech clear and intelligible in a noisy world.

AudioTelligence is a spinout from CEDAR Audio Ltd which, in 1988, was itself a spinout from the University’s Engineering department. The strong links with the University continue in the new company which is jointly funded by Cambridge Enterprise, which was established to commercialise developments within and associated with the University, and Cambridge Innovation Capital, which has a unique relationship with Cambridge Enterprise.

The company is a good fit for Cambridge Enterprise because the technology has spun out of the university and has a strong social benefit through the potential for improving hearing devices. Elaine Loukes, Investment Manager at Cambridge Enterprise commented,

“AudioTelligence is a spin-out from CEDAR Audio, which is the oldest company in our portfolio, and was the first to make a return for us. It’s a real pleasure to be working with a new company that we know to have such an excellent pedigree.”

AudioTelligence’s CEO Ken Roberts added,

“The new offices are ideal for us. They provide an excellent environment for developing and refining our audio source separation technology, and they further strengthen our ties with the University. Not only are we located alongside some of the world’s most innovative hi-tech companies, we share the campus with the Cavendish Laboratories as well as the university’s Computer Science and Engineering departments, which can only be a good thing. We located on the doorstep of some of the world’s great discoveries in physics and technology and at the heart of innovation in the 21st century.”

The new address is:

Broers building,
21 JJ Thompson Ave,
Cambridge, CB3 0FA



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