AudioTelligence Highly Commended for its ‘Tech for Good’

Here at AudioTelligence we are passionate about making technology that will transform people’s lives. And that was recognised with a Highly Commended in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2022.

The awards celebrate the extraordinary innovation and talent of the people working the ‘Cambridge Cluster’ – the companies large and small which have together made Cambridge one of the most exciting places to work in the UK. Competition for the awards is fierce, with literally hundreds of entries in the 16 categories. The names of these categories demonstrate the huge diversity of products, markets and use cases to which the technology developed in Cambridge is put – from Cleantech to Biotech, from Life Sciences to AI  and many more.

AudioTelligence entered in the ‘Tech for Good’ category with our aiso™ for Hearing solution. Aiso for Hearing has been developed to solve something often called the ‘Cocktail Party Problem’ – the problem of being unable to hear conversations around you clearly when you’re in a noisy situation such as a crowded restaurant. This affects most of us as we get older, which means that literally millions of people worldwide suffer from the problem. Because they can’t hear well, eventually many people stop attending events which they know will be noisy – leading to increased social isolation and often to depression.

Solving the problem is not easy, however. Current technologies on the market simply don’t work very well. Aiso™ for Hearing is revolutionary because it actually separates speech from individual people and from the noise – allowing users to follow a conversation seamlessly even in noisy environments.

“We’re thrilled to have achieved this Highly Commended, especially given the competition in this category from other fantastic Cambridge companies,’ said Sue Handley Jones, Chief of Staff at AudioTelligence. “It recognises the huge impact that hearing difficulties can have on the lives of many people and the importance of developing solutions that really help.’



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