AudioTelligence CEO named as SVC2UK panellist

AudioTelligence CEO Ken Roberts was among the panellists at a Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) masterclass at Trinity College, Cambridge, on Monday (November 18).

The focus of the event is building a business – with the panel of experts offering practical advice and inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and business leaders. Among the topics under discussion were the key ingredients for turning an idea into a product, taking a product to market and scaling a business to meet global ambitions.

“I am delighted to have been invited to join the panel for such a prestigious event,” said Ken. “We’ve learnt valuable lessons building the world-class AudioTelligence team to bring our revolutionary noise cancellation technology to companies around the globe. I was pleased to be able to share some of our experiences to benefit the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Earlier this year AudioTelligence was named Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year in the regional final of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2019. The accolade is given to a new business that is “challenging the status quo”.

Now in its 13th year, SVC2UK aims to support entrepreneurs on their journey to scale – removing barriers and “opening up the ecosystem”. It runs a series of events connecting world-leading investors and serial entrepreneurs to academics, students, policy makers and first-time founders.

AudioTelligence’s technology breakthrough is set to end the frustration of shouting at your digital assistant device when it can’t hear you over your favourite music track. It can even enable you to hear the conversation when a friend rings you from a noisy coffee shop. It’s autofocus for sound – an ‘acoustic lens’ that enables your home assistant, smart speaker or in-car voice control system to focus on what you are saying when there is a lot of background noise.

What’s unique about the AudioTelligence solution is that it uses a statistical approach to solve the problem of background noise. Its data-driven blind audio signal separation technology is able to ‘listen’ to a real-world acoustic scene and identify the prominent sources of sound, including echoes and reflections. Sophisticated algorithms enable it to cancel out the unwanted interference that often makes effective speech recognition impossible. The system is also adaptive – so any new background noises that appear are also eliminated in real time.

AudioTelligence is a spin-out from CEDAR Audio – a world leader in audio restoration, speech enhancement and audio forensic investigation. The start-up raised £3.1m last year from Cambridge Innovation Capital and Cambridge Enterprise to fund its ambitious growth plans and meet the demand for its technology.



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