Conversations lost in the noise?

With Orsana, you won’t miss a word – no more straining to hear the conversation around you. 

Wave goodbye to feeling frustrated in noisy social settings with Orsana – your ultimate hearing enhancement solution. This discreet, lightweight tabletop device, paired with wireless earbuds, guarantees seamless hearing in noise.

How do we know? We’ve tested  Orsana in real-world social settings, from bustling cafes to lively restaurants, with. real people like you. They gave its performance glowing feedback and found that Orsana effectively handles noise levels ranging from 65dB to 80dB, typical of noisy restaurants. 

Now we’re moving from prototype to production and we need your help. 

Join the Hearing Revolution!

We believe that everyone should be able to participate fully in the world around them; hence our mission is to help everyone hear clearly in noise. Our game-changing hearing tech is all about making conversation easy. We initially hoped to team up with big hearing aid companies to bring the benefits of Orsana to the wider market. But the flood of enquiries we’ve had from individuals with hearing issues  has persuaded us to roll up our sleeves and go it alone to deliver our commitment to solve the “Cocktail Party Problem”.

We would like to raise  £400,000 to take us from our existing prototype to mass production.  By supporting our project and pledging £299 you will get one of the first production units off the line and end your difficulties with hearing in noise. 

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Orsana is different!

Orsana is different!

Orsana’s groundbreaking technology uses its built-in microphones and advanced algorithms to separate speech from noise. Orsana lets you focus on the people you want to hear, whilst turning down the noise. Simply place the device on the table and it will deliver clear speech directly and wirelessly to the earbuds.

Orsana Remote Microphone

Hear in the Moment

Clear conversation in noisy places

Orsana takes care of the noise, so you can chat effortlessly with your friends and family

Ideal for cafés, pubs and restaurants

 Keep up with the conversation even in the noisiest cafés, restaurants or pubs.

Seamlessly follows the conversation

Our technology will do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

User-friendly device

Orsana is a lightweight portable device –   take it with you anywhere.

Don’t miss a word with Orsana

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