The Future of Audio

The Future of Audio

The market for TWS earbuds is big, and growing fast. Why? Because earbuds are becoming critical to how consumers experience sound; on average, they’re used for 1.4 hours a day to improve hearing in noise. Consumers need – and are calling for – even better hearing enhancement solutions. Partner with AudioTelligence to harness the power of aiso™ to meet this huge demand. Remember – TWS earbuds are for the whole world of sound, not just for music.

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Hear in the Moment

Hear in the Moment

Really effective hearing enhancement solutions require groundbreaking technology. Aiso™ combines our unique and patented Blind Source Separation and Low Latency Noise Suppression algorithms. But it’s not just theoretical – aiso™ has been validated with real users, in the real world, who’ve been amazed by its power to transform their ability to hear clearly in noise.

Hear Orsana in action
Introducing Orsana™

Introducing Orsana™

Orsana™ remote microphone, powered by aiso™, allows users to focus on the people they want to hear whilst turning down the noise. Designed for social situations from 2-6 people,  Orsana™ uses aiso™’s advanced algorithms to separate the speech of interest from noise and competing speech sources. Orsana™ connects to TWS earbuds or hearing aids via low-energy, low-latency codecs, delivering a personal stream of clear speech to one or more users with just one device.

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Ground breaking source separation technology

Improving Speech-to-Noise Ratio by 30 dB and the Speech Reception threshold by 16 dB.

Wireless connectivity

Ensures low latency connection to TWS earbuds and hearing aids.

Multi-stream personalised audio

The first assistive listening device to utilise new wireless protocols, allowing multiple users to connect to a single device, with each receiving their own personalised audio stream.

Revolutionary algorithms

Aiso™ overcomes the limitations of traditional audio processing techniques. Unlike beamforming or AI based noise suppression, aiso™ actually separates the target speech from both the background noise and other competing speech sources.

Aiso™ powers hearing enhancement

across your product range

Hearing Enhancement in an earbud charging case

For Dan, conversations in noise can be challenging. Fortunately his TWS earbud charging case doubles as an assistive listening device. Its microphones and advanced aiso™ algorithms separate speech from noise, making conversations easy even in the noisiest environments.

Hearing Enhancement on a smartphone

Audiotelligence's aiso technology

Hearing enhancement on Dan’s smartphone powers a chance encounter, ensuring he can follow the conversation despite the noise from passers-by and nearby traffic.

Still not sure?

The audio market is changing and the consumer tech companies are jumping in to meet the increasing demand for superior audio experiences, as found by Qualcomm in their recent “State of Sound” report.  For example, Apple and Google are working diligently to create new solutions specifically designed to enable users to hear and communicate effectively in noisy environments. But how well do these solutions work, and how do they compare to aiso™?

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