The Future of Audio

The Future of Audio

The future of audio is here now. The advent of Bluetooth® Low Energy will allow connected audio devices to give consumers the personalised and sophisticated audio experiences they are asking for. Partner with AudioTelligence and harness the power of aiso™ to connect your devices to this brave new audio world, ensuring that your products will meet consumer demands. Aiso uses its source separation and noise suppression technology to deliver clean speech to TWS earbuds and let users hear what matters most.

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Power the world of sound

Aiso everywhere

Use the remarkable versatility of  aiso to supercharge audio experiences across your whole device range. Whether you require a solution for video calls, video recording or hearing enhancement, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that your users can hear and be heard clearly in noisy environments throughout the day. 

Aiso doesn’t just remove the noise, it works by separating the target speech source from the noise and other speech sources.

Evaluate Now

Evaluate Now

Want to see our tech in action? Evaluation is easy, thanks to our new compact device which showcases the power of our aiso technology. It uses its six microphones and advanced algorithms to separate speech from noise and from competing speech sources, delivering clean speech directly to TWS earbuds. 

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Groundbreaking source separation technology

Improving Speech-to-Noise Ratio by 30 dB.

Tried and tested

Technology tested and validated in the real world, by real people. 

Revolutionary algorithms

Aiso overcomes the limitations of other audio processing techniques including beamforming and AI based noise suppression. 

Still not sure?

The audio market is changing and the consumer tech companies are jumping in to meet the increasing demand for superior audio experiences, as found by Qualcomm in their recent “State of Sound” report.  For example, Apple and Google are working diligently to create new solutions specifically designed to enable users to hear and communicate effectively in noisy environments. But how well do these solutions work, and how do they compare to aiso

To find out, listen for yourself!


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